(Most videos are only available to view on a desktop computer)

All of our videos are recorded live and in one take so you can hear what we actually sound like singing in a live setting rather than in a recording studio.  No audio editing, such as pitch correction, has been done to alter the original vocal performance.  All of our performers are trained and talented singers and used to performing live. 

Because we have many performers on our roster, your performer may be different than who appears in the following videos, but we will send you pictures/video of the performer(s) we have available for your event.

Please be aware that the videos on this page are for reference only.  We do not own the rights to these songs and no copyright infringement is intended.

Ice Princess and Ice Queen
"For the First Time in Forever"
Ice Princess
"For the First Time in Forever"
Mountain Man
"Reindeers are Better than People"

Mountain Man and Ice Princess
"Love is an Open Door"
Sleeping Princess
"Once Upon A Dream"
"Somewhere Over the Rainbow"
 Tower Princess
"When Will My Life Begin"
Tower Prince and Princess
"I See the Light"
Tower Princess
"Healing Incantation"
 Mermaid Princess
"Part of Your World"

First Princess
"Not Ready to be a Princess"
Frog Princess
"Almost There"
Blue Princess
"A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes"
Arabian Princess
"A Whole New World"
Snow Princess
"Someday My Prince Will Come" 
Princess Beauty
"Belle Reprise" Song
Green Fairy
"In My Own Little Lantern" song
The Royal Ball Charity Event
Testimonial- Jerome R.
Testimonial- Amy E.
We are currently in the process of making videos for all of our available characters.  If the character you wish to book is on the "Characters" page but no videos of the character are posted on this page that just means we are in the process of recording, editing and uploading those videos but that character is still available for booking and can still sing at your event if desired.